Attic Vibes Vol. 4 w/ Simone Cesarini Trio ft. Piero Bianculli

Simone Cesarini Trio ft. Piero Bianculli

13 Nov 2017 Rotterdam, NL Free


Time : 9.00pm
Venue : Matrix
Address : Mauritsstraat 16

Attic Vibes is a bi-weekly jam session, a music playground for musicians and music lovers, as well as a melting-pot of styles and experiences. It has been a tradition and a relevant drive for our parties since the early beginnings. For the public it’s an opportunity to seize the moment and embrace a new state of mind. Discover the fun and joy of making music instantaneously and be part of something fresh.

Following our tradition, this Attic Vibes Session will be opened by Simone Cesarini Trio ft. Piero Bianculli. The 4-piece band will blow you away with a warm, bluesy opening set, before diving into wild, crazy atmosphere of the Attic Vibes.

Born in Rome, Italy, Simone Cesarini picks up the guitar at the age of 11. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Stevie Wonder and many others, he is a versatile, multi-stylist guitar player and a passionate (Soul/Pop) singer-songwriter.
He attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where he graduated at Codarts, University for the Arts. At the moment Simone is performing and working as a session musician in many different projects all over Europe, and writing and composing to release his first EP, “Lovers”.



Simone Cesarini: Guitar
Jeroen Vierdag: Bass
Niek de Bruijn: Drums
Piero Bianculli: Keys

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